Died 21 February 2012, RIP.

Our daughter was given a cockateil for her 5th birthday which she named Wahoo. He is almost 15 now. When she left home last year we gained custody of Wahoo while she went into student accommodation and until she found a flat. She eventually found a flat in the middle of winter. It was old with a 12ft stud and as cold as with no-one home during the day. We figured he would be happier with me and the heat pump!

In spring Wahoo went up to the flat. One flatmate is allergic to cats and dogs. He loved having a pet and used to take Wahoo out to hang in the sun when he was home. Wahoo also had a ball chatting to the birds in the tree outside Glassie’s bedroom window. Things weren’t going too well in the flat so with Glassie actively flat hunting and going to be away alot over the xmas hols we bought Wahoo home until things settled down.

Glassie found a new flat with Minki the cat in residence and Wahoo welcome. Minki is an inside cat due to allergies and was unsettled at Glassie moving in so we decided not to inflict Wahoo on her straight away. Meantime Glassie fell in love with a kitten and took her home. Minki was very put out about Smudge so we still have Wahoo!

The best thing about Wahoo is his wolf whistle. When you have a crappy day it sure cheers you up to greated by one!


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