Since the kids left home Coro is my baby. She has some advantages over kids. I only have to feed her twice a day. What she eats doesn’t require much thought or time and effort! She’s mainly self-cleaning. No dirty socks or dirty dishes from one end of the house to the other! She does leave me nasty surprises periodically tho’!

The odd puke or hairball pile. A number two on the lounge carpet a few weeks back. She wouldn’t go out the cat door so another cat or dog must have been around. We’ve opened the door to sacrificed birds, mice and wetas. The Refs personal favourite (when I was away shifting Glassie) was a half dead mouse being batted around the entrance way at 2am!

Shes a great one for love and attention. At night she treks back and forward from the Ref to me across the petticoat table checking out who is dispensing the most love before she’ll settle on a knee. She loves to help me when I’m studying. I just don’t find her sitting on my papers while she rubs my face helpful. Nor are the muddy paw prints on the notes I’ve been taking!

Still she has a neat personality, is great company and our life would be so much quieter and boring without her.


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