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Dessert Project 2 – Minute Microwave Cheesecake

Looking for Desserts for One was interesting. I adore cheesecake but can’t be bothered making them just for two of us, especially as The Ref isn’t a big fan. I was intrigued by the single serve ones and just had to try them while The Ref is away.

The first one I tried was Minute Microwave Cheesecake. I had all the ingredients to hand for a change.


I decided to treat myself and use the good vanilla essence from Heilala.


The mixture looked and tasted good and very cheesecakey once mixed. I have a sweet tooth so I confess to using 4 tbsps of sugar. And the cereal bowl was pretty full.


It was a bit like cooking scrambled eggs. After 90 seconds of 30 second bursts it looked like scrambled eggs too. I did wonder if I should be cooking on medium rather than high.


Anyway it is in the fridge cooling before the taste test.






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Dessert Project 1 – Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

A few years ago I started a dessert project as we don’t have them very often. I made one dessert a week and had fun enjoying old favourites and trying out recipes I had saved. I only did it for a few months and stopped. I can’t remember why.

The Ref is away so I thought I would try a dessert for 1. My few recipes didn’t grab me so I googled. What a mission. All the things I liked the look of, I either couldn’t get the link or didn’t have the ingredients.

I finally settled on Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

  • The first problem – peeling frozen bananas!
  • The next problem, the milk froze.
  • The banana wouldn’t blend. I might need a new blender.


I gave up blending and stirred it with a spoon. It didn’t scoop nicely so final presentation isn’t too flash. I didn’t like it at first, but once it melted a bit, boy was it yummy.

The Ref loves banana, peanut butter and chocolate so I think he’d like it too. The good thing about the recipe is you make one banana for each person and increase the other ingredients accordingly.

image.jpegIt was fairly quick to make and a good choice if you don’t want a sickly dessert. It’s promoted on fitness sites as being a ‘healthy’ dessert, that’s got to be good!

Posted by: corozmum | January 10, 2016

The Top Shelf Resolution

We are steadily accumulating bottles on our Top Shelf. But we are not big drinkers!

I have resolved to have a drink each weekend starting with the open bottles, enjoy some of our gifts and purchases and empty some bottles.

There was a couple of fingers in the Coruba bottle so it was easy to knock one bottle off!


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Long Time No See

Goodness! I haven’t blogged since July 2013. 

I lost my job and went through a really rough patch. I’ve had a new job for 18 months and finding it a challenge to keep up with the workload. I was employed for 20 hours per week, doing 30 and need 40 to get it all done!

Anyway, its New Year and time for Resolutions. I want to do things on a regular basis and try things, as well as record them so a blog seemed the best place to do that. 

Posted by: corozmum | July 5, 2013

Wellington Harbour on a Good Day

Before flying to Melbourne we spent the day in Wellington. We’d caught the commuter train down. Luckily the backpackers across the road from the station had luggage lockers. Having had a quick bite to eat at 4.30am before leaving home we were more than ready for another breakfast at 9.00am! What to do till early afternoon when you don’t want to shop?

The weather played nice so we walked through the CBD to Courtney Place, browsing in the occasional shop. Then we headed back down behind Te Papa, along the waterfront. It was a glorious day and we just enjoyed the stroll and sitting to enjoy the views. Following lunch near the backpackers, we reclaimed our luggage and caught the airport bus to start our adventure in Melbourne.

Posted by: corozmum | June 30, 2013

Melbournes Laneways and Alleys

On our first day in Melbourne we went to the visitor centre to grab pamphlets and start planning things to do and when. We heard about their free meet and greet tours by local volunteers. As the Australian Tennis Open was on we couldn’t get booked in for 3 days. It would have been better to go earlier and get a feel for the place but it was still worth doing. Our volunteer was lovely and set her pace to us and the other couple. My favourite parts were the murals and other art works on some of the alleyway walls.

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Melbourne From The Back Of A Bus

For our 30th wedding anniversary we went to Melbourne, Australia for 10 days.  We had a fantastic time, went flat out and still didn’t do or see everything we wanted to see. I can’t wait to go back.

One day we had had a busy day and jumped on the free Tourist Shuttle to go back to our hotel. But we’d got on the wrong way around the circular route and it would take an hour. We were too tired to get off and try and catch a bus going the other way so we stayed put. To keep myself entertained I took photos out the back window each time we stopped at traffic lights. Occasionally I took side photos if the view was interesting.IMG_1045

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Having a Blah Day

Day 2 didn’t go so well yesterday. It was sunny which was nice to wake up to. I got some baking done. Found a stress relief session on my yoga dvd. I was feeling the pilates from the day before. And hung out washing. Then the rain came in. Managed to save the washing and put it on the clothes airer. The sun had come out by the time the sheets had finished so I put them out. They mostly dried. After that I just wanted to curl up and read, so I did.

Trouble is you you don’t cross much off your to-do-list when you read. And then you aren’t tired and can’t sleep at night. I set the alarm for 9am. I’m slowly working back to an earlier time so I sleep at night. But I’m tired and grumpy today. Even the glorious sunny morning is annoying me. It is supposed to be raining and probably will by the time I get dressed to go for a walk or hang out the washing.

The negative is creeping in so it must be time to think positive.

Usually when I’m down I have a ‘Glad Diary’. I start the day thinking of 5 things that I am glad about, made me happy or made me laugh/smile the day before. It reminds me that all is not bad in my world and starts my day with a lift. If I can’t think of anything, reading back over makes me smile and brings back good memories.

I think I need to start doing that again

1. The Ref slept in and was late for work (he’s got used to me getting up a 6am and    waking him)

2. Its good to have Coro and the radio for company during the day.

3. I did enjoy the book. (Some light, trashy, historical romance makes a nice change).

4. I cooked dinner and have left overs for lunch.

5. I baked so I have something sweet to have with my morningtea.

I have a smile on my face. Time to hit the shower have breakfast and hope the sun is still shining so I can go for a walk rather than do a dvd.

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Day 1 – Unemployed & To-do-lists

I didn’t count the weekend as The Ref is around and it doesn’t seem strange. Being at home with no place to be is strange.

IMG_1724 (640x480)I awoke to rain and a dismal day. Not the best way to start trying to lift you spirits and boost your self confidence. Coro had the right idea. I really felt like joining her on the couch.

What to do with my day? Luckily I’d been browsing Word last night and found the templates including a To-Do-List. Trying it out I’d made myself a list.


Monday Apply for job on job website
Return sample to furniture store
Hang out washing
Bake a weet-bix slice
Take in recycling
Ring previous Team Leader re reference
Do 30 mins exercise
Cook Schnitzel for Dinner
Desert Project
Email friend
Freeze meat
Take out Compost


How come home to-do-lists never work as well as work ones? Maybe sleeping till 10am is half the problem. I haven’t been sleeping well so I made up for it today. I treated myself to a couple of chapters of ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ with my first cuppa of the day. Then by the time I located an exercise dvd (I can’t get near the Wii at the moment), exercise band and yoga mat, did 45 mins exercise, had a shower, dried my hair and ate brunch; it was Early Afternoon!! Where did that time go?

It was still poring with rain so I optimistically put the recycling in the car when I headed out to take the sample back to the store. When I left the store it stopped raining, and stayed that way while I unloaded the recycling at the centre (no-one there, it was great), then started pouring again after I got home. But not before I enjoyed a double rainbow from the laundry window. Maybe the day wasn’t so gloomy after all 🙂

IMG_1726 (640x480)

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Facing Unemployment

After a year of working in a Call Centre and spending 2 1/2 hours a day commuting I was really excited to get my dream job within 30 minutes of home. I was on a 3 month trial. The position was a Senior position and even though I have a degree, my practical experiance is Beginner – Intermediate depending on the task. There is no boss as such and I struggled with the lack of support, conflicting advise and information. If I asked for help I was disrupting others and they were ‘carrying’ me. If I tried to nut it out on my own, I was too slow and unproductive and should of asked for help. I felt like I couldn’t do anything right. Much as I adored the work, steadily over time relationships broke down and they let me go.

I got mega stressed to the point it affected my health. My self confidence has taken a hammering. When I described some of what was happening, my daughter and my GP said it sounded like High School! At 50, I don’t need that sort of rubbish!!

So here I am … unemployed and trying to pick myself and my self esteem off the floor. As I get older, it takes longer and longer to get a new job. It lurks in the back of your mind that this may be it. The dream of a job using my degree seems more tenuous.

I’m having counseling as I felt getting depressed was quite on the cards. My first order of business is to have a couple of weeks break to get over the stress before job hunting which is really stressful and hard on your ego. Next order is to do things that make me feel good about myself, and boost my self confidence.

We shifted here a year ago, and between full-time work, commuting, Accounting papers and stress we’ve hardly unpacked. Getting our house more organised and useable will be good. Exercise has gone off the radar, as has cooking and baking. Not to mention the handcrafts I love doing. I hope adding all those things back into my life will be positive for me and keep my head above water as I face this new chapter in my life.





















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