Posted by: corozmum | January 11, 2016

Dessert Project 2 – Minute Microwave Cheesecake

Looking for Desserts for One was interesting. I adore cheesecake but can’t be bothered making them just for two of us, especially as The Ref isn’t a big fan. I was intrigued by the single serve ones and just had to try them while The Ref is away.

The first one I tried was Minute Microwave Cheesecake. I had all the ingredients to hand for a change.


I decided to treat myself and use the good vanilla essence from Heilala.


The mixture looked and tasted good and very cheesecakey once mixed. I have a sweet tooth so I confess to using 4 tbsps of sugar. And the cereal bowl was pretty full.


It was a bit like cooking scrambled eggs. After 90 seconds of 30 second bursts it looked like scrambled eggs too. I did wonder if I should be cooking on medium rather than high.


Anyway it is in the fridge cooling before the taste test.







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