Posted by: corozmum | June 19, 2013

Having a Blah Day

Day 2 didn’t go so well yesterday. It was sunny which was nice to wake up to. I got some baking done. Found a stress relief session on my yoga dvd. I was feeling the pilates from the day before. And hung out washing. Then the rain came in. Managed to save the washing and put it on the clothes airer. The sun had come out by the time the sheets had finished so I put them out. They mostly dried. After that I just wanted to curl up and read, so I did.

Trouble is you you don’t cross much off your to-do-list when you read. And then you aren’t tired and can’t sleep at night. I set the alarm for 9am. I’m slowly working back to an earlier time so I sleep at night. But I’m tired and grumpy today. Even the glorious sunny morning is annoying me. It is supposed to be raining and probably will by the time I get dressed to go for a walk or hang out the washing.

The negative is creeping in so it must be time to think positive.

Usually when I’m down I have a ‘Glad Diary’. I start the day thinking of 5 things that I am glad about, made me happy or made me laugh/smile the day before. It reminds me that all is not bad in my world and starts my day with a lift. If I can’t think of anything, reading back over makes me smile and brings back good memories.

I think I need to start doing that again

1. The Ref slept in and was late for work (he’s got used to me getting up a 6am and    waking him)

2. Its good to have Coro and the radio for company during the day.

3. I did enjoy the book. (Some light, trashy, historical romance makes a nice change).

4. I cooked dinner and have left overs for lunch.

5. I baked so I have something sweet to have with my morningtea.

I have a smile on my face. Time to hit the shower have breakfast and hope the sun is still shining so I can go for a walk rather than do a dvd.


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