Posted by: corozmum | June 17, 2013

Day 1 – Unemployed & To-do-lists

I didn’t count the weekend as The Ref is around and it doesn’t seem strange. Being at home with no place to be is strange.

IMG_1724 (640x480)I awoke to rain and a dismal day. Not the best way to start trying to lift you spirits and boost your self confidence. Coro had the right idea. I really felt like joining her on the couch.

What to do with my day? Luckily I’d been browsing Word last night and found the templates including a To-Do-List. Trying it out I’d made myself a list.


Monday Apply for job on job website
Return sample to furniture store
Hang out washing
Bake a weet-bix slice
Take in recycling
Ring previous Team Leader re reference
Do 30 mins exercise
Cook Schnitzel for Dinner
Desert Project
Email friend
Freeze meat
Take out Compost


How come home to-do-lists never work as well as work ones? Maybe sleeping till 10am is half the problem. I haven’t been sleeping well so I made up for it today. I treated myself to a couple of chapters of ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ with my first cuppa of the day. Then by the time I located an exercise dvd (I can’t get near the Wii at the moment), exercise band and yoga mat, did 45 mins exercise, had a shower, dried my hair and ate brunch; it was Early Afternoon!! Where did that time go?

It was still poring with rain so I optimistically put the recycling in the car when I headed out to take the sample back to the store. When I left the store it stopped raining, and stayed that way while I unloaded the recycling at the centre (no-one there, it was great), then started pouring again after I got home. But not before I enjoyed a double rainbow from the laundry window. Maybe the day wasn’t so gloomy after all 🙂

IMG_1726 (640x480)


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