Posted by: corozmum | January 1, 2013

Review the 2012 Resolutions

Its always interesting to look over last years resolutions and see how you went, review things and add some new goals

1:- Lose 5 kg.

I lost 4 kg in 6 weeks doing a work team exercise challenge and promptly put it back on again because I’ve stopped exercising again! This goal will have to remain for 2013!!

2:- Get a permanent job.

Well I did do that in March 🙂 Trouble is its 1 hours drive from my home town and it takes a huge chunk out of my day and by the end of the week I’m shattered. My new goal is to get a job in my home town.

3:- Learn to use my digital camera.

I’ve explored the different settings with mixed success, but I still have stuff to learn.

4:- Master my first and very new laptop.

Still learning this too. Ok with broadband and prepaid wifi. Love One Note and Kindle for laptops.

5:- Pass my university papers.

Passed one in spite of getting a job and shifting. Failed the next so redoing it next semester. Goal is to pass both again

6:- Get back to exercising 3-4 times a week

Only managed that for 6 weeks while doing the workplace challenge. Still a goal.

7:- Make a dessert once a week.

Managed it for 8 weeks and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. The mix of job, commuting and study put paid to it fairly swiftly 😦 Hoping to try again.

8:- Join a group in my new home town.

A teacher at my husbands school invited me to go to her house each Friday night, a group from a local quilting group get together to do their hand stitching. My goal was to finish one of my UFOs (un-finished objects). If I hadn’t of had 3 months off being sick and busy I might have managed it! Still I’ve made good progress. And the ladies live in hope of me doing some quilting. Its a hoot and very entertaining conversation and my one social occasion. I guess my new goal is to finish that UFO and another one.

9:- Be more social.

That did not happen. What we have done has revolved around school mostly. We have managed alot of coffees at cafes and generally like the ones in our new town. Not sure how to upgrade this goal yet.

10:- Continue being happily married.

Somehow we’ve managed that, although The Ref says I’ve been hell to live with while studying. Its not a goal you ever complete so it will stay.


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