Posted by: corozmum | June 9, 2012

First Weeks

My goodness, its been crazy!

The assignment that I was doing when we were shifting out of our old place came back today. I was thrilled with 71%. Just the boost I needed to keep me going with the study this week before the exam on Friday 🙂

We moved in a couple of weeks ago and The Ref has been the main unpacker while I get on with my study. There’s a small problem with that! He has no system in the kitchen. And even though he has lived with me for 30 years, he has no idea or recall about how I like things and what I like together in my cupboards. This is particularly noticeable if he unpacks the dishwasher!

Back to unpacking. If he can’t find a cupboard or shelf to put it in or on, it goes on the floor. And I’m still managing to cook meals!

We are slowly getting curtains and tracks around the house. Even though we have double glazing, curtains make the house so much warmer at night and we like not being a goldfish bowl with people peering in! The curtains and  having our personal bits and pieces around mean the house is beginning to look like ours rather than we’ve been plonked down in stark, bare,  sterile rooms. With stuff strewn everywhere waiting for homes and boxes still waiting to be unpacked its going to be a while before we are proud to show it off.


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