Posted by: corozmum | May 16, 2012

Packed Up To Move

The big week is here.

The Ref was  my housewife over the weekend. He did the lengthy list of jobs I’d made to be done before the movers arrived and cooked meals and made me hot drinks while I did my assignment. The movers arrived on Tuesday and we saved the computer, printer, paper and chair so I could finish the assignment. We forgot about staplers!! Luckily I had printed at a decent hour so we could call around to friends to staple the pages. I was leaving for work before 7am to hand in my assignment as I wouldn’t get it in by the 5pm deadline after work.

We have signed our life away at the lawyers and now I’m sitting on one of 2 chairs not packed, surrounded by boxes ready for the trucks tomorrow. After lots of hassles with the new house it may all come together and we can move in on Saturday. It doesn’t seem real.

I have a month till my exam, with several weeks of course work to do and some hardcore study as well. I can see boxes taking some time to unpack. I’ll have a month between the exam and the start of the next paper so I should get it all done then. Although crashing out is really tempting!


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