Posted by: corozmum | April 18, 2012

Call Centre Trainee Blues

My new job is in a Call Centre. I’ve just completed 3 weeks training and been let loose on the phones. I spent the morning in the training room taking real calls with an experianced buddy listening in and talking me through what to do. That was my first inkling at how little I actually knew. Late in the afternoon, I was in the call centre for an hour and a half taking calls on my own. The Team Leaders were in a meeting so when I needed help I had to find someone in my team, who wasn’t on the phone, to help me.

It is 2am and I’m having a cry. I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m terrified of going on the phones tomorrow (today actually! and crying won’t help me be rested and prepared). I’m bitterly disappointed that after 3 weeks I am so uncomfortable with 3 bread and butter parts of my job.

We have to prepare a call record for each call. We had a couple of hours training in the software programme and were given a list of a dozen key words to use. Selecting one gives you a list of problems to choose from and from there is a list of solutions to select. Extra details and information is put in a note. Some processes must have specific information noted.

I’ve had practise filling in a call record but mainly for straight forward processes like changing an address. For anything else I have no idea what keyword to use. If a caller has hung up and I’m doing the record I have no problem quietly taking my time to figure out which one to choose. However, if the customer is on hold to go to a Senior and I’m trying to do my call record (as the Senior will look at it for information I’ve gathered), I feel totally useless as I scroll through numerous keywords trying to find one with a problem choice that fits. Why haven’t we run through some of these key words and what to use for more common calls?

Then there’s my 2 bread and butter processes. Changing addresses and exemptions. After 3 weeks training I feel I should be comfortable and familiar with the steps as well as the notations required. I’m ok with changing an address but not at all with exemptions. I need to stop, go through the processes again, get it clear in my head what the steps are and maybe make a check list to refer to. Will they let me? If I don’t get my confidence in these 2 areas I’m concerned I’ll fall apart and I don’t want to do that at work!

Venting my fears and frustrations has made me feel better and helped clarify what I need to ask for me to be comfortable going on the phones. Hopefully that means I’ll sleep, which I desperately need in order to cope with my first full day on the phones.


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