Posted by: corozmum | April 9, 2012

Discovering ebooks

The Ref has a tablet for work and a few weeks ago was downloading ebooks. I was feeling very jealous and wondering if a laptop is a wise choice even though I’m using it all the time for my study.

Out of interest I googled ‘ebooks for laptops’ and the best result was from a page in the Huffington Post blog. They listed their top 4 and demonstrated how to download kindle for amazon. It was easy and I was over whelmed with the free books. Searching took time as I learnt how to limit the search results by making choices about genre, price and popularity.

I wasn’t sure about ebooks but I find I’m enjoying them. My eyes do get tired quicker but I like being able to enlarge the print. When I’m really tired I like not having to hold the book up! I’m also reading a greater range of books and authors from the free range and now have several books saved to my wishlist that I intend to pay for!

After mastering kindle and amazon I tried Nook from Barnes and Noble. First hurdle was having to have a US address even though I only intend buying ebooks. Luckily my sister-in-law was happy to have me use their US address. I also had to record a credit card in spite of only ordering free ebooks so far. I have to say I like Nook better. Visually I like the white background better and find the screens clearer, cleaner and less cluttered to use. I prefer the scroll bar which shows how far through the book you are rather than amazons page number of.  The search functions seem to get me quicker to books of interest. Both B&N and amazon seem to have the same free ebooks, I just find them quicker at B&N. When comparing price, amazon is the same or cheaper.

My biggest challenge with the free ebooks is identifying christian fiction. Many of the free ebooks have this bent. I don’t mind christian fiction so long as I don’t get preached at or the faith and beliefs overwhelm the story. You don’t always get a back cover or inside front cover blurb to help you identify this genre.

I still have two more ebook format recommendations to try. The more complex ones. When I’ve found the one I like best I’m going to try and get all my books into the one or two systems rather than have them spread across four


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