Posted by: corozmum | March 28, 2012

Dessert 7, 2012 – Chocolate Mint Swirl

I’ve had this cookbook for years. Even though the recipes look yummy, I’ve never made any because I have to go out and buy special ingredients to make the recipes. With the dessert project I’ve been buying ingredients to make other recipes so why not something from this book? I settled on Chocolate Mint Swirls and went out to get the ingredients.

First up was Creme de Menthe. Being in a small town means there is only one liquor store. There was only one Creme de Menthe on the shelves and it was half the price of all the other liqueurs we buy. Nothing for it but to buy it.

I whipped up the cream and added the creme de menthe and tasted. No mint taste????? Added the specified amount again. Still no mint taste! I added a few drops of peppermint essence. Success and I could have saved buying the Creme de Menthe. I tried the liquer. It tasted like alcohol and toothpaste so I won’t be in a hurry to drink it.

Next I made the chocolate mix. It was so rich, I made an executive decision to add fruit. Glassie doesn’t like strawberries so she got peaches and The Ref and I had strawberries. After eating the dessert we were glad of the fruit to counteract the richness of the mint swirl.

If I made the dessert again I would use milk chocolate rather than dark and skip the Creme de Menthe, using peppermint essence instead. It wasn’t a bad dessert but I didn’t love it so it probably won’t come to mind as a first choice when I’m looking for something to make.



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