Posted by: corozmum | February 14, 2012

Who’d Share a Bed?

The Ref started his new job 2 weeks ago and is flatting during the week and home on weekends. Last weekend he had a course so only got home for one night, so essentially its just been me and the cat. The first few nights Coro and I had to do some negotiation about sharing a bed. I can’t stand purring in my face or being slept on and she didn’t enjoy the duvet being thrown over her each time I had a hot flush.

My tri-pillow and spare pillow go on the top half of The Refs side of the bed and she gets the bottom half. All happy … till The Ref came home this weekend. Coro was not happy about losing her place. The Ref insisted he have his half of the bed, so no throwing the duvet over him (had to remember to bunch it between us), and no making like a star while I cool off from a flush. The Ref is a noisier sleeper than Coro even when she’s purring. And then to top it all off, in the early hours of the morning he’s cold and wanting another duvet while I’m on top of the bed bathed in sweat thinking ‘you are kidding me, I can barely stand one duvet’.

Hmmmm, time he went back to the flat. Except I sleep better with him beside me. I miss our chats about the day as we settle into bed for the night. While we talk by phone before we go to sleep, its just not the same. I especially missed him the other night a 11.30pm when we had an earthquake. I miss cuddling up for reassurance. Going to sleep that night with the light on just wasn’t as comforting!

I’ll just be getting used to sleeping alone again and The Ref will be back for the weekend, unsettling things again. But I’d rather that than the last time we shifted where we took turns going to each other once a fortnight. That got tiresome really quickly.


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