Posted by: corozmum | February 12, 2012

Dessert 6, 2012 – Tiramisu Alle Pesche

This is another first try dessert. Not from my saved collection but from an advert in the latest Healthy Food Guide magazine that I bought last week.

I was browsing while I waited for The Ref and got it because there was an excellent article about different, healthy lunches for work. I’m not a big sandwich girl so ideas are good.

When I sat down at home to read it properly there was an advert for CeresOrganics and this recipe was included. I always thought Tiramisu involved coffee but no sign of it in a Peach Tiramisu. It looked and sounded nice so I decided to try it straight away before I forgot about it. The nearest recipe I could find on the net was at Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino. The only major difference between the two recipes was the addition of 1/2 tsp of Amaretto Liqueur in the peach syrup in the CeresOrganics recipe.

I decided I needed a different bowl for the dessert. A trawl through the kitchen didn’t find anything I wanted to use so I had to go and look at the wedding and engagement presents which are currently in the wardrobe in the office. I found a crystal bowl on 3 legs that I don’t ever recall using in 30 years of marriage! The Refs maternal Grandmother gave it to us and it weighs a ton! (I just weighed it, 1.6kg!!!!!) I guess I was scared to use it or waiting for a special occasion. Why not use it just for us?

Making this recipe became an exercise in substitution as I didn’t actually have all the ingredients. First up we don’t have Amaretto. I’ve only tried it once. We were in the back row in the tail of an international flight being offered after dinner drinks and liqueurs. They’d run out of Baileys so I asked for the nearest liqueur they had. Amaretto isn’t even a cream liqueur and as I recall I hated it. Too much like Brandy and I only drink that when I have a cold and want to kill my throat! The choice was between Brandy (open) and Cointreau (not open) so I figured Brandy would do. Then I didn’t have sponge fingers.

It was a toss-up between Chocolate Chip Cookies, Wine Biscuits and Golden Crunch Biscuits. The Golden Crunch won because the packet was open and the biscuits just starting to get soft as I haven’t been eating them (trying to be good about my diet … even though I’m eating a packet of crisps while I do this!)

We got 5 blueberries and one blackberry from our shrubs. Not enough to do anything with but quite enough to add some colour to the decoration. The overall verdict? Very nice. The biscuits gave a nice coconut flavour and the Brandy wasn’t overpowering. I think any alcohol you like would work. Another dessert success that I would make again  🙂


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