Posted by: corozmum | February 9, 2012

1st 5k Walk, 2012

It’s that time of year when the local harrier club run a 6 week, 5k fun run/walk series as pre-season training for members, training for a 10k walk/run in March and (as the public can join in for an entry fee) a fundraiser.

My usual walking companion was absent so I did it on my own. I always seem to walk slower without company. Due to mowing the lawns earlier in the day (the first time in years I’ve done that) I wasn’t expecting much. In fact I really, really struggled. Then I realised I’m overdue a B12 injection by a week. I’d completely forgotten to have it. It was sorely tempting to give up and go home but I decided it didn’t matter if everyone passed me and I came in last, just so long as I completed it.

Rather than pushing myself, I slowed my pace and concentrated on setting small goals (getting to the next intersection mainly). I got passed lots. Especially by young women pushing mountain buggies with 1 or 2 littlies in them! Not good for the ego. At the last corner I looked back and there were lots of people behind me, some a long way back. Imagine my surprise when my time was 53 mins and I’d averaged 50 mins over the series last year!

I’m so excited about next week. Off to have a B12 injection asap. No mowing lawns on the day. Won’t I be disappointed if I don’t improve my time!?!


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