Posted by: corozmum | February 7, 2012

Dessert 5, 2012 – Pear & White Chocolate Mousse

This is the first untried dessert I’ve made. I have a pile of recipes to try and part of the reason to make one dessert a week is to actually try some of my saved recipes. I got this recipe late last year through work. It was the usual Monday morningtea ‘What did you do over the weekend?’ session. One lady said she’d decided to try some recipes from her saved collection and the success of the weekend was the Pear & White Chocolate Mousse. I’m not a fan of pears but the list of ingredients

– pears, gelatin, white chocolate and cream

sounded yummy, easy and I decided I’d like to try it. My first thought was to google a recipe. No joy. They were all lengthy, complicated and many seemed to use alot of eggs. It seems the recipe is based on a classic french dessert, enough said!

I was resigned to this one passing me by until another lady in my office received a copy of the recipe and passed a copy to me. The recipe was from Foodtown magazine (now called Food). I checked the website, but this recipe isn’t on it, so sorry I can’t share.

The recipe was made in minutes, put into a serving bowls and into the fridge. If its decorated once set you can whip it out at the last minute. It was a really nice dessert. Not too sickly sweet and would be a lovely light ending for a dinner party.

I wouldn’t usually put a dessert just for The Ref and I in fancy glasses and decorate it, but when you are photographing you start to take notice of presentation! There’s a dollop of cream on the mousse, a fanned strawberry and a few white chocolate buttons.

The recipe itself came with ‘Cinnamon Sugar Pear Wafers’. As I used canned pears rather than fresh I was unable to try this part. Googling found similar recipes under cinnamon sugar pear chips. Even though I halved the recipe I still got 4 servings and as The Ref is only home for one night I have dessert sorted for the next few days!


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