Posted by: corozmum | February 3, 2012

I HATE Cleaning the Oven!

With shifting house and having it ‘For Sale’ you just have to get around to those grotty cleaning jobs, and delve into the darkest corners of your cupboards and drawers before potential buyers open the cupboards and movers arrive to pack you up.

The housework gene skipped me. Something to do with having a mentally ill, hoarding mother, I think. Its a shame, her mother was super clean, tidy and organised. I aim for being able to walk places, sit down and generally being clean and not too gross. I also aim to not let the hoarding overwhelm me. We seem to need bigger and bigger houses to do that tho’!

I’m in awe of one past friend who vacuums everyday and another who every time she did the dishes, not only wiped the stove top but wiped out the microwave and oven!! Oh to dredge up the energy and inclination to do those things daily. I’m sure it must make life easier.

I hate cleaning the oven. I hate those toxic spray cans you have to use, the smell and the feel of it on your skin. Even when you use gloves, you still get it up your arms and your face feels prickly too. I hate how long it takes to clean. Probably because I leave it till I start worrying about setting off the smoke alarm (that daily effort would prevent this situation). And I hate how the next time you use your oven, no matter how much you wipe, your house is filled with noxious smoke and fumes.

Since putting the house on ‘For Sale’ the oven has been bothering me (amongst many things). I was out of oven cleaner and hadn’t got around to buying one … a good excuse not to clean it!

A couple of years ago I’d seen a tv show about making homemade cleaners and wanted to try the kitchen cream scrub. While searching I also found the same show had done an oven cleaner. What had I got to lose? And surely an oven cleaner made with baking soda couldn’t be as toxic as a bought one? If it didn’t work, I could still go and buy the noxious stuff!

I ended up making a double batch so I had enough for the shelves and the oven itself. I used mostly dishwashing liquid and some water to make the paste. I didn’t mind putting it on at all. No fumes and even though I forgot gloves, no itchy, prickly skin.

It was left overnight. Cleaning it out still takes time (especially when its as bad as mine is!). I used a pot scrubber on the shelves followed by steelo for the stubborn bits. It did a pretty good job. Every bit as good as a bought can. The recipe says several attempts may be needed for the worst areas and that’s true with bought cans too. I have some areas that need repeating but not today!

I will use this again and I probably won’t leave it as long because the process isn’t as horrible. Next time I’m going to try half dishwashing liquid and half water as I found the cleaning was very sudsy which did irritate me a bit. I might even buy some ‘green’ (natural I think they mean) soap to try instead.

I just have to turn the oven on and see what happens. Hopefully any fumes won’t be too noxious either. Now I just have to face all those cupboards and drawers. Wish me luck 🙂


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