Posted by: corozmum | January 6, 2012

2012 New Years Resolutions

January 2012 is crazy busy. We’ve just got back from being away for a week. I work for a week then we’re away for 2 weeks. I have lots to blog about and will have even more when we get back. So, today will be one of my few opportunities to blog so I figure it should be about resolutions.

1:- Lose 5 kg.

2 years ago I lost 5 kg and kept it off till late last year when it went back on again. Time to loose it…again!

2:- Get a permanent job.

Last year I resolved to get a real job! I spent 8 months temping in 2 jobs. I’m not complaining. I loved it and learnt lots but permanent is better.

3:- Learn to use my digital camera.

The Ref is planning to update our camera and I haven’t got the hang of the current one! I’ve always used it on auto and only late last year realised it had heaps of other settings. Glassie is patiently taking me through things to try.

4:- Master my first and very new laptop.

This is mainly about learning to be connected. Pre-pay broadband. Free wi-fi. Using wi-fi at home including the printer.

5:- Pass my university papers.

I’m doing post graduate study. Nothing too strenuous. A Certificate in Business Studies, 4 accounting papers to meet the academic requirements for Associate Chartered Accountant.

6:- Get back to exercising 3-4 times a week.

Should help me achieve number 1!

7:- Make a dessert once a week.

Glassie has been doing this as a way to try dessert recipes. I have oodles saved to try and many favourites waiting for a special occasion. When it comes to a special occasion I can never make up my mind which to make! The thought of choosing 52 desserts for the year has me drooling. Number 6 is going to be essential and 1 a challenge.

8:- Join a group in my new home town.

Each town offers new and different opportunities and you never know what will be available or what will appeal. Here I joined an embroidery group. I loved it and learnt heaps. Added plenty to my UFO’s (un-finished objects) as I only finished one thing! Previously I sang in a choir. Again I loved it and went on to learn the piano. Before that I went to quilting classes and Women Outdoors where I tried abseiling, mountain biking etc.

9:- Be more social.

The Ref and I looked forward to having no kids at home and having a social life built around us, and the spontaneity that no children at home would give. After being burgled, vandalised and living in a small town where you were scared to open your mouth in case you said the wrong thing, to or about the wrong person, or it was repeated but not quite how you said it; we withdrew into ourselves. A new larger town offers new chances to try again.

10:- Continue being happily married.

Basically, keep doing all the things that got us to 30 years! Meeting for coffee, going to dinner, shows and movies. Talking and sharing. Being each others cheerleaders. Caring and being affectionate. Trustworthy and true to each other. Having fun together and doing nice things for each other. Working together to achieve goals. Keep making a history that we are proud of and look back on with pleasure. Looking forward to the future and being chuffed about our kids.


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