Posted by: corozmum | December 16, 2011

What Time To Open Xmas Presents?

Even tho’ the kids are grown, we still do Santa Sacks. We put 10 wrapped items in and they are opened one at a time with everyone watching. Now the kids are older we can get a way with rude and funny gifts. Former classics include

‘Sexed Up’ shampoo

‘Willy Washer’

A ‘Fart Free Zone’ sign

A plastic ‘poo’.

I love the Santa sacks and its the highlight of my day because its so funny. When the kids were little I moaned and groaned at being woken at the crack of dawn and wished for a latter start to the day.

Piratz and Tink came to stay a few months ago and struggled to roll out of bed at midday. Thinking on it worried me about Xmas day. 20 years latter The Ref and I are often (sadly) awake at 7am and it drives me nuts waiting for the kids to get up on Xmas morning. (Oh, how the tables have turned!!)

I decided I better prepare the ground. Piratz rang last night. I asked what time they’d be up Xmas morning. 11am!?! The poor dears have to drive 4 hours the night before after Tink finishes work at 5pm and they’ll be tired. How old are they? 20 & 23! Never mind that Piratz has the day off Xmas Eve.

I countered with 8am and they could go back to bed. I was quite happy to leave the pressies under the tree till then. Scandal and horror that I would be so rude to guests and expect them up at such an ungodly hour. And no, Tink can’t go back to bed. She won’t be seen dead unless showered, dressed and with her ‘face on’. After that effort she won’t be going back to bed. His offer 10am.

Taking into account above preparations taking 1/2- 1 hour I settled on 9am and absolutely refused to budge. I’m currently a really awful mother and I’m ruining their Xmas day….. What about the rest of us???? and our Xmas day?



  1. 9am? Screw that. I have plans to change that to an earlier time hehehehe

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