Posted by: corozmum | December 10, 2011

Xmas Wrapping Paper Snobs

I haven’t worked with a large number of Women for many years so I’m finding morning-tea with up to 10 ladies rather interesting!

One of this weeks conversations had my eyebrows well up the forehead!

Xmas Present Wrapping. Sounds innocuous… it isn’t!

One lady who is very particular about presentation, having nice things around her and things nicely arranged mentioned that all her presents have big froufrou bows on them so they look good under the tree. Her family carefully remove the bows and ribbons, hand them to her for reuse next year and then rip into the paper.

Another lady who hates clutter and disorganisation asked about her choice of wrapping paper. They both agreed only good quality, fancy paper would do. The second lady said that her in-laws use cheap, nasty wrapping paper. It looked dreadful under the tree, didn’t go with her other presents and drove her mad.

We asked if she hid them around the back. To our surprise the answer was NO! She puts her own paper over the presents (without removing their paper) and takes it off Xmas Eve before they come over!!! She just couldn’t relax and enjoy her tree if the presents didn’t match and go together!!!!!

The Ref was as flabbergasted as I at this revelation when I retold the story. He then asked with a twinkle in his eye if I’d mentioned that we recycle wrapping paper!?! No way would I confess that to the wrapping paper snobs.

Xmas Past

Don’t look too closely, there may be cheap, nasty wrapping paper; recycled wrapping paper and worst of all they don’t match or co-ordinate!

They’d probably hate the tree too!


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