Posted by: corozmum | December 5, 2011

Party For One

The Ref spent Thursday and Friday last week checking out his new job, meeting people and finding out his responsibilities. He also organised a flat as we doubt the house will have sold before the beginning of next term.

I’d planned out a meal he doesn’t like and having the remote to myself had a night of girly tv viewing sorted out. Glassie and Piratz both rang for long talks so that was the end of my tv!

This week The Ref has taken a group of students away for electives. Tonight I planned a Thai Green Curry (The Ref is not a fan), which I made and have enough left over for either lunch or dinner tomorrow night. Yummy! I also hadn’t opened my advent calender so got 5 days chocolates to eat!

Remote in hand I sorted put a weekly programme The Ref moans and groans about me watching and a movie he would not have wanted to watch. Glassie and my sister rang for long chats!! What… are you kidding me! The movie was one hour in by the time I got off the phone to Red Head (we haven’t talked for a month so lots to catch up on when she lives at the other end of the country) so I gave that away.

Tomorrow is the season finale of Downton Abbey. I really, really want to watch it. But The Ref enjoys it too so I’ll be taping. It is going to be so hard to wait till he comes home, so I can watch it with him. I bet no-one rings tomorrow for chats, just when it would suit me to be distracted from tv!



  1. Hey, you kicked me off to cook dinner! I didn’t talk anywhere as long as normal 😛

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