Posted by: corozmum | December 3, 2011

Moving Along

A few months ago The Refs boss encouraged him to apply for for a Principals job. He was a bit disappointed not to get an interview. Since then he’s been keeping an eye on advertised positions in the local region so I can keep temping where I am and maybe get a permanent position.

A Deputy Principals job came up in another city 1 1/2 hours from here (an hour on the other side of the city I work in). There’s a satellite campus there and a free bus between the 2 campuses for staff and students. Alot of people commute so I can carpool too. I agreed to him applying.

We were thrilled when  The Ref got an interview. At 1800 pupils and 120 staff, it is one of the biggest schools in the country. A big change from 370 pupils and 40 staff!! The Senior Leadership Team is top notch and they go on to other prestigious schools as Deputys and Principals.

We knew the competition for the job would be fierce with top quality candidates. After the interview The Ref felt it was a good interview but he didn’t ace it. In the 4 days it took for the decision to be made, The Ref talked us out of him getting it. We were totally shocked when he was offered the job!

We are not in any way prepared for selling the house. I have 2 weeks off over Xmas so we are going to get it ready then and put it up for sale in the New Year. We doubt the house will be sold in time for the start of term so The Ref has arranged to rent a small flat while I stay here. Its alot easier to keep the house ready at all times for viewing when there is only me and the cat in residence!


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