Posted by: corozmum | November 20, 2011

I Can’t Dance

I was asked if I wanted to go to the mall in the lunch hour with my new work colleagues. I said yes but wasn’t prepared for each going our separate ways and meeting back up just before we had to be at work!

How to fill in 45 mins when you hadn’t planned on doing much other than buying an ink cartridge for the computer??

I ended up browsing in an electronics store and checking out the Wii games. Zumba (which I have been waiting ages for it to come to New Zealand) is in store and on special. But I maybe should wait to see if I get it for Xmas.

On my way out I checked the clearance bin and spotted a couple of games I’d had my eye on but they hadn’t appealed enough to spend big bucks on. But on clearance I could get both for less than the Zumba on special. Yes! I bought!

I’ve had a couple of goes of the practice tutorials and “I can’t dance!” They have mini games, and so far I’ve only tried being a Matador. I suck at that too! But it is fun trying and you’re so busy concentrating on your moves you don’t realise you are working hard till you stop and find you’re breathing heavy and your heart rate is up. It is also showing an affect on my waist so its worth continuing with. I might also have my latin moves sorted by the time I get Zumba.

While looking for photos I read a review that says there isn’t enough time to learn the moves before you get to double time and not enough notice of an upcoming change of moves when you are concentrating on the current one. They felt you could be put off very quickly if you keep failing. I certainly struggle to get the more complex moves so I’ll have to guard against being put off.

I also grabbed Just Dance. They are up to version 3 so I’m not surprised the first one is in the clearance bin. I didn’t really get it for me but I might get round to having a look. I mainly got it for when Glassie comes to visit. And to have a laugh with her when I have a go!!



  1. Hey Mum I am using wordpress as my blog, don’t know if you can follow me on there? I’m under mdturner. Will look at starting up the one on here again but will concentrate on getting this one going for the moment.
    The Wii dance games sounds great! can;t wait to try 🙂

  2. I ment Live journal not worpress…

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