Posted by: corozmum | October 22, 2011

Still Not 50!

I had my ‘still not 50th birthday’! Lots of nice presents came my way but by far the best parts of the day was the time spent with others.

The Ref drove me to work. It was nice to have company and be dropped at the door. I took in morning-tea for my colleagues and we had a great time sharing travel stories over mini eclairs and cream puffs as well as chocolate croissants.

The Ref and Glassie took me for lunch at a cafe well away from my work! The boss let me have an hour for lunch so we didn’t have to rush so much. And boy was the mild Thai Green Curry spicy!!

The Ref managed to spend the whole day doing jobs, messages and shopping! The Ref hates shopping!! He picked me up after work (outside the door, bliss when it is raining) and we picked up a Christmas present idea he’d seen.

We were still full from lunch so went to our local cafe for a very light evening meal and a drink. Late in the evening Piratz arrived after a 4 hour drive to spend the weekend with us. It was lovely spending time with him and his new girl chatting before heading to bed.

The new girl is tiny! 5’1 to my 5’7 (1.7cm) and The Ref’s 6’3. Piratz is 6’1 and Glassie 5’8. She is blonde (peroxide I suspect) and very slim with an elfin face.

I thought about nicknaming her Pixie but as she’s with Piratz, Tinkerbell came to mind. I think I’d get fed up typing Tinkerbell so maybe I’ll shorten it to Tink or Bell. Will have to think on it.


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