Posted by: corozmum | October 21, 2011

Making a Camera Cake

After my research I was ready to make the cake. I started with 2 x chocolate sponge cakes. One 20cm square and the other 18cm x 28cm. The square cake was cut into thirds. Two of the thirds had their tops trimmed so they could be stacked up. The top piece was left untrimmed to give a curved shape.

I had been trying to figure out what to cook the cake in to make the cylinder shape required for the lens. A lady at work suggested I use a cookie cutter and stack up several pieces to make the lens. I cut 3 medium rounds and 2 large rounds out of the rectangular cake. It worked a treat!

All the blogs I read made comment about the time taken and difficulty in shaping the grip. The cookie cutters worked so well for the lens I used the medium one to cut out another 2 rounds, cut them in half and they stacked to form the grip.

A few off-cuts formed the raised piece where the manual viewfinder is located.

The cake cut & shaped.

Butter (or Viennese) icing was used to layer the pieces together.

Then the cake was covered in the butter icing. I forgot to take a picture of it covered! This gives the royal icing something to adhere to.

I can’t make royal icing so I bought a packet one. After it was manipulated by hand until it was malleable, I got a sheet of baking paper and disposable gloves and carefully added black food colouring (a drop at a time) until I got the desired shade of grey. I made sure it was well blended before deciding I needed to add more colour.

Covered in grey royal icing

Getting the icing settled and the corners trimmed and blended was a mission. Then I made a few buttons out of the left overs.

The lens is black and not wanting to use black icing I opted to use licorice. I could not get a box of licorice straps! There were only mixed boxes with twists and triangles included. With only 3-5 narrow straps per box I had to buy several boxes. The Ref enjoyed eating my reject licorice.

The butter icing was so soft the licorice wouldn’t stay on so I wrapped around baking paper tied with string until the icing set.

The lens wrapped to hold the licorice in place.

I wanted to add the fabric look I’d seen but I didn’t have enough royal icing to cover the board. I still did it and it is not easy to get the icing to fold and pleat nicely! Details like a view-screen, shoulder strap and stars were added. After 4 hours I was over it and decided not to go with all the details I’d planned. I’m not a professional and after all it is the impression that counts.

Glassie absolutely loved it and found plenty of detail to ooh and ahh over. It tasted really good too!


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