Posted by: corozmum | October 8, 2011

21st Cake

It was Glassies 21st in August and I wanted to make a special cake after making the Sheep Cake last year. The Ref suggested I make a Camera Cake. I couldn’t think of anything better but I was daunted at the idea.

My first research was at the library. No Cameras in any of the cake decorating books. The slant was very much towards kids cakes rather than cakes for adults. Then I decided to Google. How did we manage without Google??

A mine of information and photos to look at. Luckily I book marked the ones that caught my eye so I could go back. (Clicking on the photos will take you to the websites)

Canon Camera Cake with Photos

Canon Camera Cake on a Heart Base

Canon Camera Cake

I loved the look of fabric under this Canon Camera Cake.

Then I needed to find out about colouring the icing.  Again Google came to the rescue with lots of advise about how to make black icing/ and black food colouring. Then there were warnings about needing so much colouring that the icing tasted bitter and left unsightly black lips and teeth! Luckily Glassies camera is silver so I didn’t have to go the whole hog and replicate a black camera.

Many sites helped but these I referred to and book marked.



Hurry Up, Cakes! and

Cake Central

I decided to go to a specialist cake decorating shop (Fairytale Cakes) and buy a good quality black food colouring. They also re-iterated the bitterness of the colour and to use gloves when working the icing. Now I had to make the cake!


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