Posted by: corozmum | October 3, 2011

All I Want For…..

It’s that time of year. I have a birthday coming up and then there is Christmas. The Ref is asking me what I want.

1:- So he can tell the kids what to get me.

2:- So he knows what to get me!

Each year I’m a little miffed that no-one pays attention and figures out what I might like. Getting something off my list isn’t really a surprise.

I have a little notebook in my handbag. Whenever I think of something, or hear of something my family would like, I note it down. I create a list for them.

Usually I type up a Dear Santa letter and leave it on the fridge. This year I’m using modern technology! So here goes…

Dear Santa,

(In the ‘you must be dreaming’ category)

– A new upstairs bathroom (I’m over vintage 70’s and no shower and a trek downstairs and across cold tiles in winter).

– A laptop

– Plane tickets to visit my best friend (a 9 hour drive away).

– A dishwasher (current one has a tray held together with duck tape!)

– A fridge (I’m sick of de-icing every 2 weeks).

(In the ‘you may get lucky’ category)

– A new office chair

– bathmats (sad but true)

– a small stereo

– Wii Zumba

– car cleaning gear

– mini straighteners

– Clinique clay masque

– Sheseido foundation (I60)

– bamboo hoops for the raspberry

– Baileys, Canterbury Cream, Drambuie Cream or Sherry

– Vanilla coffee flavour

– Electric or rechargeable Ladyshave

– Braun replacement toothbrush heads

– non-adhesive photo album that takes A4 photos

– document frame for my degree

– a jar of maraschino cherries

– a decent, non-rusting egg beater

– a new bedroom tv (analogue will be obsolete next year)

– Estee Lauder foaming facial cleanser


Love Corozmum



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