Posted by: corozmum | September 25, 2011

Not Getting a Job

I haven’t been on much. Working full-time with a 1/2hr commute each way is hard going. And I can’t get my brain to work on a blog!

I applied for the job I am temping in. I didn’t get it. I was devastated, bitterly disappointed. You name it, I felt it. It was a big leap, and no amount of telling myself not to get my hopes up stopped me from wanting it really badly.

I gather I missed out because part way through the recruitment process it was decided an Accounting qualification was required. I need 4 more papers to achieve that and I’d worked out a plan to do it. My Finance Degree wasn’t enough.

My temp contract has just been extended for a month so all up I’ll have 6 months experience under my belt. It has to help with my job hunting prospects and it seems the Temp Agency has been receiving fantastic reports about my work. So hopefully I’ll also get some good and current referees.

Tonight, I took a deep breath and looked at job sites. I just can’t imagine myself not working where I am. I tried hard not to get attached to the job and the people… but I did. My Recruitment Officer says I am not alone, it happens all the time on long assignments. Now I just have to actually apply for those 5 jobs I saved and I haven’t even looked at the banking websites. Oh joy!


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