Posted by: corozmum | August 27, 2011

The Middle of Winter

We’ve had a very mild winter until the snow a couple of weeks back. In July, I took the following photos as the plants were all confused and thinking it was spring, not the middle of winter.

The Camellia

Spring flowers under a bare tree

Spring flowers

The snow hasn’t slowed things down alot. The Camellia has more flowers and the Tuis are enjoying the nectar. You look at the tree and its shaking like crazy and suddenly you’ll see a flit of black. I can never get close enough to photograph them when they are breakfasting in the Camellia. I love to hear their call as well. It was a daily event in our last home as they sang in a gum tree right beside our second story kitchen, but here I mostly hear them in spring in the Camellia and on rare occasions around the neighbourhood.


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