Posted by: corozmum | August 21, 2011

Snow At Our Place

Earlier this week we had a cold southerly blast straight from the Antarctic which covered about 3/4 of the country in snow. We even had snow at our place. The locals say there hasn’t been snow on the ground here since 1973 and 1960 the time before that. So forgive me for being excited!

I drove home on Monday in heavy flurries that were quickly settling. I went really slow through the gorge and was stunned when I got out the other end at a cloudy but lovely evening! What a difference 15 mins and a low mountain range make to the weather. It started snowing at 7pm and we woke to a light blanketing. I just had to take photos  🙂

Snow in Front of the house

Snow in the front yard

Snow on the deck

Snow in the back yard

Our plants had been full of spring growth and the snow would have been a shock.

Strawberries under snow

Flattened Rhubarb

I took a couple of photos from our upstairs bedrooms but it proved a challenge hanging out the windows and trying to get good shots around trees.

From our bedroom window

From the spare bedroom

I had a dentist appointment and wasn’t sure if he would make it as he lives 1 hour south of town. I finally heard after 8 that the road south was closed so I got ready for work. I’m glad I didn’t have to leave at my usual time as there was lots of black ice on bridges, in the gorge and on sharp bends. I took it slow, and someone had slid off the road in the gorge so it was down to one lane adding to the slowness of the trip.

I also stopped to take some photos of the hills around us on the way to work.

Snow around wind turbines

The track was closed (no wonder!)

Looking away from the wind turbines


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