Posted by: corozmum | August 20, 2011

Duck Vs Windscreen

After work on Thursday I drove through the gorge as usual not knowing there was a big slip occurring behind me.

Slip in Manawatu Gorge from the Stuff website

15 minutes later, just on dusk I spotted two ducks taking off on front of the car coming towards me. I was so busy watching to see if they made it I didn’t spot the two on the road in front of me until they took off!

Doing 100k and with someone close behind me I didn’t dare hit the brakes. One hit my windscreen. I was sure I was going to have a shatter and a dead duck in my lap… speed and on a sweeping bend! The duck came off second best to my surprise but left a lovely calling card smeared across the windscreen in front of me. There was enough drizzle to clear it in a couple of sweeps of the wipers.

The next day I went to and from work over the Track. On the way home again there were ducks on the road. (Whats up with ducks and roads at the moment?) With nothing behind me I hit the brakes. I didn’t fancy my chances in another round of duck vs windscreen. Again they took off at the last minute and only just squeaked past the car. I was so relieved.


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