Posted by: corozmum | August 14, 2011

It’s Been A While

I’ve been working a temporary job for 3 months and along side the 1/2 hour commute each way means I haven’t had the energy, ideas or the time to keep up with a blog.

My 3 month contract got extended by another month. The position has been advertised as a mixture of the data processing of invoices (which I’ve been doing) and training as an accountant. I decided to and was encouraged to apply. Last week I heard I’d been shortlisted along with 5 others. Now the nervous wait for the interviews.

I’m approaching 50 and eyeballing the necessary study to qualify as an accountant is daunting. And I’m nervous about my age going against me. But I still have over 15 years of working life left (longer if they raise the retirement age) and I want my job to be interesting, challenging and a career I can be proud of. For the opportunity that is on the table, I’ll do the study. Its well worth it.

My Finance degree means I only need 3 accounting papers and 1 years on the job experiance to be able to become an Associate Chartered Accountant with NZICA. After hours of research and lots of emails with the Accounting Academic Adviser of my University the plan is to do a Certificate in Business Studies. This requires any 4 papers from Business Studies and will take me 2 years if I do one paper per semester. If I’m in the job the practical component is taken care of.

Its the next bit that really daunts me! Studying to become a fully qualified accountant. I would need to do a Graduate Diploma in Accounting. 8 papers and another 4 years of study!

It’s beyond my wildest dreams!! So, here’s hoping!


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