Posted by: corozmum | July 9, 2011

Darn Cat

Smudge is making her presence felt. Not only has she been stealing meat (I’ve foiled that by putting the defrosting meat in an air tight plastic container) but she is up to other tricks too.

I kept finding my hair ties at the bottom of the stairs or in the downstairs bathroom. I couldn’t figure it out until I saw Smudge come down the stairs with one in her mouth and proceed to play with it. Flinging it in the air and trying to catch it. Batting it against the skirting boards so it bounced back and chasing it. And when she was bored leaving it lying forlorn and forgotten.

It also explains why the hall runner is moved and with its corners up the wall! She skids on it while chasing the hair tie.

The really clever bit is that I keep my hair ties in a small cane basket on my dressing table along with hair-clips, shark clips, slides and hairbands etc so she has to rummage through to find the ties. Putting the ties under everything doesn’t deter her at all.

Coro is determined that our bedroom and particularly our bed (especially when the electric blanket is on or when the sun is shining on the bed during the day) is going to remain the last bastion against the pesky invader and has taken to sleeping in our room at night in order to guard her space. She sleeps on the small boy and growls and hisses if Smudge sets foot in the room.

Smudge tried sleeping on the landing outside our bedroom door but wasn’t thrilled at being stood on in the early hours of the morning when one of us visited the toilet. Tripping over a cat at the top of the stairs when half asleep didn’t amuse us either! She now sleeps one step below the landing.

The most worrying antic is attacking the cockateil. She tried when she first moved in and tried again the other night. I’m eternally grateful that for the first time this winter I had the clothes airer out and the cage and stand fell across it leaving the cage upright. Heaven knows what would have happened had the cage fallen on the floor and one of the cage doors opened.


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