Posted by: corozmum | June 16, 2011

Where do Empty Toilet Rolls Go???

Are men and kids allergic to dealing with used toilet rolls?

For years I got annoyed and fed up with the used rolls being left empty in the toilet roll holder or dropped on the floor. Leaving me to scrabble around beneath the toilet and take them to the bin.

I then read a tip that placing a small rubbish bin in beside the toilet would resolve this problem.



It puzzles me that after many years of a rubbish bin being within reach, even while seated on the toilet, that empty rolls still end up on the vanity in the downstairs bathroom and on the floor in the upstairs one.

Of course The Ref maintained that it was the children being lazy. There was a vast improvement when they left home but still periodically I find empty rolls NOT in the bin. It is probably the cats fault. (She gets blamed for alot of things in the absence of the kids!)


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