Posted by: corozmum | June 12, 2011


It is winter and my office is kept at 21 degrees. Summer temperatures! It is too hot for me. I have lots of hot flushes at work during the day. Way more than I have at home. I go for walks (to the ladies, to get water) to cool down.

Its a pain as you only need one layer on top but have to put on several to go to and from work. I wear boots to keep my feet warm on the way to work then my feet are cooking all day. I also worry about getting sick, especially bronchitis, which has happened to me before from going from too warm to too cold frequently.

I suggested dropping the temperature a few degrees and using jerseys and cardigans in the office so going outside wasn’t such a shock. I’d obviously said something outlandishly odd! I guess it makes a change from most places I’ve worked where you are frozen and can’t get warm unless you get active.


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