Posted by: corozmum | June 11, 2011

Auckland At Easter

My sister died 15 years ago at Easter. On the 10th anniversary we got together to visit her grave in Auckland even though 2 of us lived in the South Island. We undertook that we would do it again for the 15th.

I’ve moved back to the North Island but I’m still about 6 hours drive away without stops. My sister in the South Island decided not to make the trip but 7 of us got together for the weekend.

It absolutely hosed down when we went to the grave! We only spent 5 mins there!! But we had a neat time together and we wouldn’t have gathered without my sister for an excuse.

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On Good Friday we decided to do free stuff as most of the place is closed. First we went to Kohimarama Beach and walked along the waterfront. We then went up to Michael Savage park. It is an expansive park on top of an extinct volcano and gives awesome views of the harbour, the North Shore, Rangitoto Island and the CBD, particularly the Sky Tower.


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