Posted by: corozmum | June 5, 2011

Car Parking

My new job is half an hours drive with no public transport options so driving to work is my only choice. On my first day I was offered a workplace car-parking sticker and told I could park in the adjacent car park for $2 per day. This is very cheap as the going rate is $8-$10 per day. Small change compared to bigger cities. But I can think of better things to spend $10 a week on so, as I work on the edge of the CBD, I opted to park on the street 5-10 mins (depending on traffic lights) from my work for free.

Most of my work colleagues think I’m mad to walk (and in a howling winter southerly I may agree with them!). The unexpected bonus is; after a long day in front of a computer screen in a stuffy office and faced with half an hour in a car, how much I treasure that few minutes of fresh air to blow out the cobwebs and stretch my legs.

I still put the sticker on my car in case I decided I need to be close to work in rotten weather. This proved useful when I discovered a free car-park for staff across the road and behind one of our buildings. A quicker and slightly more sheltered trip to and from the car and my building.



  1. It’s the little ‘side’ costs that add up – car parking, coffee, etc
    A little walk can do wonders for lifting the mood at the end of a working day.

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