Posted by: corozmum | May 22, 2011

Access Cards

At my new job I have an access card to get into the building as well as my office within the building. I’m in accounts payable and we need to print cheques, so they are kept in a safe in our office and someone else in the office handles banking, hence the security.

Each morning I scrabble in my handbag to find the access card to wave in front of the reader. It is worse since I put a lanyard on (I had no idea what to do with the keys when I went to the ladies and I didn’t have pockets in my outfit. I was terrified of putting them down and forgetting them), the lanyard pulls things out and drops them on the footpath!

On Friday I was across the road waiting to cross when one of the female bosses approached the entrance. She just swung her handbag in front of the reader!! and the doors opened. I must try that! Wonder if it works on the office reader as well?  🙂


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