Posted by: corozmum | May 20, 2011

The Man Has The Flu

Late last week The Ref came down with the flu. He bailed on going to the movies on Friday night. It was ‘My Wedding and Other Secrets’. Glassie and I really enjoyed it. Definitely a chick flick!

I knew it was serious when he pulled out of football on Saturday! He spent most of Sunday in bed or generally laying low in the lounge so I wasn’t surprised when he didn’t go to work on Monday and Tuesday.

Tuesday night he announced he was going back to work on Wednesday even though he didn’t seem well enough. And his reason…..he was bored!!!!!

Did it occur to him to do some housework?? NO! Clean the shower, clean the toilets, mop the kitchen floor, fold the washing, iron his shirts, even empty the dishwasher. No, it hadn’t occurred to him! Much gritting of teeth and sighs of exasperation.

He went to work but guess who was home at lunchtime to take a much needed nap (told you he wasn’t well enough). He was ironing the shirts when I got home from work. Note the direct benefit to him of that particular housework task. At least I don’t have to do them. But it would be nice if he hung them up instead of leaving them draped over all the dining room chairs!


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