Posted by: corozmum | May 15, 2011

Crazy Week

It was a crazy week! Last week I got offered a 3 month temporary position in a Finance department. Saturday I went shopping for work clothes. I have been in uniform for 8-10 years! Sunday was Mothers Day. Piratz came for the weekend but Glassie had to work.

Monday was my Graduation Day. Having a degree finally seems real. It was neat to walk across the stage and receive an official piece of paper!

I have a Bachelor of Business Studies majoring in Finance. My hood is Indian Yellow (is that what they call spew colour??)

Piratz was sick and couldn’t come but The Ref and Glassie were in the circle to see me go across the stage.

The next day I started the temp position. I’m really enjoying it and will blog more later.

Thursday night we had our Graduation dinner. I went to the one for Extra-mural students (doing the papers by correspondence) as I’d done all but 2 of my papers that way. It was fabulous. Beautiful setting, lovely meal. And lovely to hear the stories of the other Extra-mural students about their journey through study. Going to bed at 11.30pm doesn’t mix well with getting up at 6.15am!!

On Saturday, I did my final day in the shop as they were really stuck. Talk about tired!! I was in bed at 9pm and didn’t wake till 9am!!!!!

Roll on next week 🙂


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