Posted by: corozmum | April 13, 2011

Annual Vet Trip

Coro had to go to the vet for her annual vaccinations yesterday. Her claws were catching my clothes so a nail clip was required as well. A first for Coro. Then to add to the fun, Coro had a cat fight with Sally next door 2 days ago and came home with tufts of Sallys fur in her claws. Yesterday morning I noticed Coros left eye was slightly swollen, closed and running. Oh joy!

I locked the cat door  as Coro runs when she sees the carry cage. But she went in the cage without a fight. A look at the eye by the Vet revealed a slightly scratched and irritated eye and the initial signs of conjunctivitis. The vet had to check if Coro had an infection. The first indignity…..a thermometer in you know where. We managed to get the temperature. All normal.

I declined holding Coro for the nail clip. She was a real hellion and came close to taking several hunks out of the very quick and agile vet in spite of the nurse! I don’t think there would have been any vet left if I’d been holding Coro!

Coro has never had antibiotic cream in her eyes so that was slipped in before she knew what had happened and the flu jab seemed an anticlimax!!

I am, of course, in charge of getting eye cream in Coros eye for 5 days. That’s up there with getting antibiotics into a cockatiel for needing speed, and accuracy. The first time, I quickly squirted it in her eye when she was half asleep and of course she shook her head so the tube poked her eye. The next time it took The Ref and I to hold her down!

This morning I was faced with doing it on my own. I figured the same strategy I use for getting worm tablets in was the way to go. Grab the scruff of her neck and lift so only the hind legs are are on the ground. She closed her eyes when she saw the tube coming so the ointment ended up sitting on the eye lid. I just had to wait until she blinked a few times. Mission accomplished!  🙂


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