Posted by: corozmum | April 12, 2011

Maintaining Modesty

I wear alot of V neck and cross over tops. But being a bigger lady I’m always conscious of flashing too much cleavage and bra, (especially in the work place and at interviews) or something catching the crossover and yanking it down! As I have alot of hot flushes I don’t always want to add an extra layer in the form of a camisole or sleeveless t-shirt especially in summer.

I spotted a lace insert (or dickie) in the Avon catalogue similar to this one from Magnamail. I thought it would be the ideal solution.

They hook onto your bra. I’m big but the insert didn’t sit nicely. It bagged and they would be even worse on a smaller lady. I just wasn’t confident wearing it and its so fiddly to move the buttons.

When I was temping for my former employer I popped into my favourite department store, CC Ward. I love their end of season sales! I pick up expensive, glamourous underwear for half price!! I saw they had inserts as well but mentioned I wasn’t happy with the one I’d bought. They showed me a Piikabu Mini Cami by Ariane. (I totally drooled over their lingerie, especially their camis and will be hunting out local stockists)

I had my doubts but it is so comfy and sits snugly because it is made of stretch material, fits over your bra so you don’t notice it  and no matter what indignities I have performed or yanking and pulling on my tops, I have remained modest. Better yet, I have complete confidence and don’t have to be continually checking and fiddling (which draws attention to the problem!). I may have to get a white one as well. If you aren’t as well endowed as me you can probably wear it without the bra and still be well supported.

Click on the images to go to the sites and find out more information


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