Posted by: corozmum | April 11, 2011

Dirty Water

I jumped in the shower yesterday and looked down after a few minutes to find the shower tray covered in filthy water. As I was wondering why (I wasn’t that dirty having just got out of bed and I hadn’t coloured my hair), I heard The Ref yelling from the upstairs toilet. I heard him thumping down the stairs, he whipped open the bathroom door, grabbed a towel and told me to get out quick because the water was filthy. It was a bit late by then! I decided not to cleanse my face or wash my hair!!

Seems he flushed the loo and got water way dirtier than what he was trying to flush away!

Looks like we have water problems similar to winter last year when severe flooding damaged our town water intakes and we had to boil water for weeks. After the Christchurch Earthquakes (when water has been off for weeks in some areas) I started putting aside enough water to keep us going for 3 days following a natural disaster as recommended by the Civil Defence website ‘Get Ready, Get Through‘ . I haven’t done anything else yet! But I’m glad I had that water stashed as it has come in handy for drinking until we find out what has happened and how long our supplies will be affected. It is 24 hours latter and still no information or alerts on the District Council website. The water is still very cloudy and I won’t be drinking it anytime soon!

You can bet there is no bottled water at the local supermarket so having our own supplies has meant no stress and panic. The Ref was going to the city for a meeting tonight anyway so he can grab extra bottled water then.


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