Posted by: corozmum | April 6, 2011

Water Quality

In the previous 2 towns I lived in, I complained about the water not tasting nice (along with all the other residents!). I had no idea how bad water could get till we moved here. It tastes bad, it smells bad frequently and often when you shower or flush the water is dirty looking. We have an under bench filter but even then tea and coffee doesn’t always taste right and most days you have a dry taste as if there is a thin film in your throat. With 3,000 people in our town and a very small rate payer base I’ve been wondering how we can afford the millions needed to improve our water supply.

I’ve just spent 3 weeks in my previous town and couldn’t get over how much I liked water that I hadn’t been able to drink without filtering when I lived there. It tasted fresh and sweet! And boy have I noticed being back. I feel continuously thirsty, my throat dry and yucky. The only time I feel my thirst is quenched is from canned or bottled drinks.

Last night I read in the local community newspaper an article about our water quality. Our town supply has an EE rating! Not fit for human consumption!! This is 3rd world stuff in an OECD country. A country with a “clean, green” image and an abundance of water. We make most of our electricity via hydro dams.

Part of the problem is Fonterra.  To use their description ‘A leading multinational dairy company’. Their local milk treatment plant discharges waste into the river, 1 km up river from our town supply intakes. What is even more galling is they have an active programme encouraging dairy farmers to clean up their streams and make changes to stop dairy effluent from farms entering water ways. But they are not leading by example. How much better would our water supply be if Fonterras waste didn’t go in to the same river?


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