Posted by: corozmum | April 4, 2011

Googling My Name

When I first Googled my name a couple of years ago there were only  2 mentions as I have an unusual name. There is only one with my name on facebook, ME!

I’ve been active in social media over the last 2 years and thought I’d Google again and see whats changed. Imagine my surprise to find I had a whole Google page plus several mentions on the second page! I try to keep tight with my privacy so I was stunned at what could be found out.

Not only facebook and twitter, but slideshare, old friends, results for a 1okm walk I did and a game I play on face book. Then I thought about other social media I use and they don’t appear. Flickr, 2 other facebook games and other photo sharing sites. My blog can be discovered even though I have tried really hard to keep them separate and unidentifiable as well as comments I make on other peoples blogs. I will exercise more caution than previously when I refer to people.

It makes you more aware and shows how careful you need to be. Maybe having a common name means you get lost in the crowd whereas an uncommon name makes you stand out in social media. I’m no longer sure if that is good.

Then there’s the spam. I clicked on one Google entry that referred to me as I didn’t recognise its source. My security programme went off with messages and flashing signs warning of a trojan and a key logger. I hope it is true that it has eliminated the threat.


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