Posted by: corozmum | March 10, 2011

Gun Toting Boyfriend

Glassie has a new boyfriend. He’s in the army. He also grew up on a farm so hunting, fishing and other outdoor pursuits feature in his free time. Even though I knew this, I still wasn’t prepared when I visited his facebook homepage to see a profile picture of him in the bush with a shotgun in hand.

I found it confrontational and disconcerting. Guns for me represent violence, danger and people being killed. They have never been in my life and I prefer not to think about them. I’m not that comfortable with people who use them. I’m a true city girl who doesn’t like to think of the ickiness involved in getting meat on my plate!!

Glassie assures me ‘Farm Boy’ (she calls him that regularly) is really, really nice. But I am still discomfited and that photo doesn’t sit well with me. All I can do is sit back, be nice to him for her sake and make my judgement of him as a man based on how he treats my daughter.


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