Posted by: corozmum | March 6, 2011

Phone Games

2 years ago my kids gave me a new cell phone. I’ve always had the cheapest you can buy but they got me a more expensive one. Recently I had to do alot of waiting around and finally looked to see what games were on my phone.

I had a couple of free games like snake and alot of trial games. I tried all the games and decided I would like to download one. I tried twice to download it but nothing on the phone and no deduction from my balance.

I called in to the Vodafone shop for help. Apparently not all games are compatible with my phone. So why did the trial work fine and why have a trial on the phone if you can’t download it? Seems there are too many phones now and they have a standard trial group that goes on all phones. I thought that stupid and said so!

You used to be able to go on line and see what was compatible with your phone. Not any more. You have to ring customer service. I objected to paying $1 to get to speak to someone about it. The shop informed me that the charge had been discontinued as customers hadn’t liked it. Hadn’t heard that piece of news. Now I just have to ring customer service to try and find out what if any games are actually compatible. Which is stupid too! I don’t really need a game that badly to go through all that hassle!


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