Posted by: corozmum | February 28, 2011

Engine Degreasing Venetian Blinds!

When we moved in there were aluminium venetian blinds in the computer room, sewing room, downstairs bathroom and the kitchen. I’ve never had venetian blinds before. We did have cedar blinds in the kitchen of the last house. As they had wide slats and were solid I found them easy to clean.

I was in for a surprise the first time I let the blinds down. The computer and sewing rooms were very dusty but I can cope with that. The bathroom was even dustier and with mould on the top slats. I managed to get them reasonably clean. But the kitchen!?! A thick layer of brown grease and dust on green blinds! UGH!

I have been trying to clean them. But nothing moves the grease and it is diabolical when they are still hanging to scrub them. The Property Manager finally gave The Ref a lesson in getting them down. Only half useful as we have 2 different types of catch mechanisms in the house.

The Valentines screwdriver was put to good use and we managed to get them down without bending or breaking too many catches! Then the fun started. I tried cleaning them lying on the decking. The slats move and when they are wet they stick together. I can see why a friend has huge nails on her fence to hang them off. My only hanging option was the clothes line. After 5 rinses the bathroom blinds finally dried without tracks of dirt on them but nothing was moving that grease.

In desperation when nothing from the kitchen or laundry was working at moving the grease I asked The Ref what he had in the garage that might work. His dubious answer was  the engine degreaser….. for use on hot engines not cold venetian blinds! Reading the safety precautions is not pretty and not for the faint hearted. Basically no skin contact, or contact with paint, plastic etc. Flush thoroughly with water if you do. And I’m trying to clean blinds swaying like drunken soldiers off the clothesline?

I had a small 100 ml spray bottle and sprayed the whole lot on the upper sides of the slats for the smaller kitchen blind (60cm). Let it sit for 10 mins and set to work with a pot scrubber. Even though the majority of the grease moved I had to carefully scrub each slat and respray the really bad areas. Several hours and numerous hand and arm rinses latter to combat irritation I had one relatively clean blind! It is still green. A slightly lighter shade of green. Not sure if if that is the engine degreaser or the fact the blind is clean!! The cords down the side are now pale green but I can live with that. Now I just have to psyche myself up to do the larger blind. Its 4 times the size of the last one!!!!!

I have to say this is not a recommended use for engine degreaser and is potentially rather dangerous to ones health. In other words “Don’t try this at home!”


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