Posted by: corozmum | February 26, 2011

Family Weddings From The Past

Blogging about my wedding prompted me to post photos of old family weddings.

My Great Grandparents, George and Elisabeth. Elisabeth was still single in 1908. I have a waltzing medallion that she won in 1908 with her maiden name on it. So the wedding was some time after that. She was a tall lady for the time at 6ft.

My Grandparents, Myrtle and Norris in 1936. Myrtles older sister Celia is on the left and matured significantly in this photo compared to her own wedding photo.

Celia and Fred in the 1920’s.

Myrtles younger brother Liston and his wife Lorraine. I’m guessing the early 1940’s. Lorraine is still alive.

There were very large gaps between the 3 children and I never found out if it was due to miscarriages, infant mortality or just not getting pregnant.


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