Posted by: corozmum | February 22, 2011

Too Old For …..

As we weren’t spending xmas with the kids, I decided to have some fun with The Refs santa sack. I’d seen ‘KY Yours & Mine’ advertised on tv and thought it would do.

Although our local supermarket sells it, there was no way I was buying it there! Next time I was in the city and not with The Ref, I popped into the nearest supermarket. When I got to the checkouts I realised I had picked the only supermarket in town that doesn’t have self service checkouts. As I only had one item I went to the express checkouts. Two high school girls on. Great!

When it was my turn, I put the item down. She looked like I’d put a snotty hanky in front of her and threw me a filthy look which made me blush. She snatched it up, scanned it and slide it to me (very close to a toss!) As I moved away I heard her say to the other girl “What does she want with that stuff? She’s too old to have sex!” I was mortified and I’m sure my ears matched my face!!

On xmas morning I relayed the story of the purchase after The Ref had opened the present. After we gave each other a high 5, we laughed until we cried. We wondered what she’d think if she realised her parents weren’t too old! I wish I could tell her how much laughter and joy she gave us on a quiet xmas morning 🙂


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